Some of you have troubles attempting to upload photos to the board. If you don't know how to upload pics, then it will be impossible for you to post your goldfish in the Academy for assessments.

So here's an alternative way you can participate in GA; send me your goldfish pics via email!

The email address is Click on the beforementioned link and your emailer should pop up. Write in the email your text to be posted, and then attach the photos to the email. You can even ZIP up the pics if you like.

Don't worry about the file size of your pics. I will downsize them if necessary. I may even enhance the pics but please first and foremost shoot your pics clear, sharp and bright - I can't do magic on badly taken photos.

IPB Image

For those of you without a digital camera, you can always bring your negatives or photo prints to a photo developing studio and get them to SCAN the negatives/prints to computer graphic files, such as at:-