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GA Secretary
Any comments? smile.gif

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Initially I thought there were 2 fishes,on closer look it is 2 pics of the same fish.
I am sorry,but there is nothing special to mention about this fish,the colours are not outstanding,the fins IMO are too big,the hump is no good.
This ryukin is quite low grade tongue.gif

Please study Ga 062 and learn what's a Ryukin.

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Ask, if you can't tell the diff. Okay?
GA Secretary
Wah that's very harsh lah. I can't take it cry.gif

It's ok. I'm a newbie. I take the comment of all brothers in here.
Nothing ventured nothing gained hor.
Ok I will look for better looking ryukin.

So far, are there any sources to search on finding a good ryukin?
Pls share.

Please lah -- STOP asking where to get nice goldfish.

Firstly, all the good places to buy goldfish are already listed in the FAQ section.

Secondly, if you have to ask, you don't yet have the skills to select a good fish even if we tell you which LFS to go!

Thirdly, please go look up the percentage of good fish in each spawn and derive the conclusion that if you have to ask publicly where to buy, your chances of landing a good catch is as slim as finding a pig that can fly.

Most importantly, even if we know where to get the good fish, do you think we will tell you, someone who has a terribly high chance of ruining a good fish? NO!!

So... please lah... don't bother to ask hor.

Hang around RG and learn the basics with so so fish that you can find all over the places first.

in my opinion, this is how a nice ryukin shld look... good_very.gif

IPB Image
seaview has a few decent ryukins this week.. you can start from there ..
QUOTE(Frankie @ Sun, 05 Dec 2004 5:25 pm)
seaview has a few decent ryukins this week.. you can start from there ..

Please may I know where is SeaView? I can't find it in the Listing.

Thank you.
I would suggest that you take your time and learn what constitutes a good ryukin and knowing what is the reasonable price before buying.For a start,if you have paid more than $5 for your fish as shown,you have been suckered.

Many LFS carry ryukins.Seaview is at No2,Seletar West Farmway 2.Their ryukins range from $30 to $100,quality is so-so but I would say reasonable price for that quality.

Buy one giant one from a famous LFS in Serangoon (displayed at main entrance )and you would have been suckered.

Blue Aquarium (East Coast) carries the best value-for- money ryukin but the shipments are few and far in between.

But please,take your time to learn and compare before buying.And bear in mind that they can be real huge so if your tank is 4 ft you can only house two.
Aiyah you guys so cruel one! In Australia this quality ryukin already very good! Want to buy also cannot find *cry
I keep goldfish in Singapore so many years coming to Melbourne suffer withdrawal syndrom depression leh! I have to beg my goldfish shop to go and hand select from wholesaler - even then still waiting - no good quality goldfish
engliang come there are 2 Frankies...and Frankie asking and anwering the questions himself??

BTW, Frankie, seriously I find that u are too harsh lar. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you can't just lecture ppl just because you feel that the fish that the owner finds gd-looking is not up to your standard.

As a hobbyist, what's most impt is that he finds joy in the fish keeping.
The goldfish he keeps doesn't have to be show-class standard, as long as he enjoys looking at his goldfish and finds it nice is good enough.

For eg, you may find the ryukin in GA062 good-looking, but can I lecture you just because I think otherwise? You don't have to impose your standards on others.
Another eg would be a ranchu with lots of wen, but to many other non fish keepers, the wen looks hideous to them. Are they wrong to think this way??

Basically, there's no right & wrong is judgement of beauty.
QUOTE(engliang @ Fri, 24 Mar 2006 12:09 am) come there are 2 Frankies...and Frankie asking and anwering the questions himself??

"Frankie" is a mask ID. It could be ANY member making a comment. "Secretary" is the mask ID which represent the individual owners. Do you seriously think that a single person with the ID secretary can own so many fishes with standards ranging from very good to very bad? Please take some time to READ THROUGH the pinned topics and try to understand the Goldfish Academy before making jaw-dropping statements like this.

Your so-called harsh comments were not edited by the moderators because they were frank to the dot. Frankly speaking, this is a below-average specimen. You are hearing it from an experienced ryukin player (I do not want to reveal the ID) when he said this "ryukin sXXks". So, on how bad it is: Can you FEEL it? But of course the important thing is that the owner LEARNED something, and that his next purchase will be on a better ryukin.

GA is not the place to read untrue flatteries on lousy fishes. Would you rather members posting untrue assessements like "swee ah!", "perfect fish" on this piece? I do not fancy living in a world of fallacies where all my ugly fishes are are being worshipped as "beautiful" in front of me but behind my back these people shake their heads in disgust. I believe in accepting FRANK (and sometimes they come harsh) comments to really learn. GA062 is a nearly-perfected ryukin. It will take a clown to comment it as otherwise. Comments posted out of mischief will not get pass me, or any moderator. You can be sure of that. mad.gif

I am going to say this just one more time: I do not believe in "Beauty is in the eye of beholder". On GOLDFISH, this is crap (but it applies on human, of course). You do NOT learn at all if you're being praised for your ugly fish. People tell you "Beauty is in the eye of beholder" so that they don't appear like BS to you. But if every goldfish hobbyist believes in "Beauty is in the eye of beholder" then goldfish standard/appreciation will stay stagnant. No need for breeding. No need to perfect your bloodline. No need to go for premium fish. One spawn 1000 eggs no need to cull - surely someone will buy. Breeders become lazy. Farmers become lazy. Goldfish standard rolls back to the 18th century... And you'll see the whole goldfish market collapse in time.
Guys calm down. Actually it is true that his fish really cannot count as got any standard for a ryukin. I was more talking about actually some countries - this is the best quality we can get - have pity a bit!
But of course in goldfish academy must critique what - so can say no colour, no hump, too big head.
But also on the other hand, don't laugh at people put up the picture lah! it is for discussion mah!
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