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Full Version: Ga 069 - Ranchu
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Sharing my goldfish with everyone.

IPB Image

IPB Image

I like to look for this kind of SV which the body is straight looking at the top.

I will post again this afternoon, till I run out of fishes to share.

CH Leong
This fish is lousy.Eyes and tail too big,looks stunted.
Initially I though its a TV,but since you said its a SV the profile of back is not smmoth.
Only good thing is the colouration.
The Matrix
Looks like a chinese fish. Got it recently ? hmmm about a month or so.

everything abt your ranchu one is wrong to me.

i refer to the below ranchu i borrow from Ga 048. these two are miles apart definitely.

IPB Image

i need not say more with this comparison.
Looks like a chinese fish. No much head growth. And curvature is not smooth.

One commendable point is its splendid colouration.
QUOTE(CHLeong @ Mon, 20 Dec 2004 12:54 pm)
I like to look for this kind of SV which the body is straight looking at the top.

You've got an unusual preference.

The end result, regretfully, is you buy ranchus that can't make it at all.

Please go back to basics and study the pictorial guide as pointed out to you earlier. You might also want to make new friends to guide you; your present comrades either haven't been honest with you, or are equally inadequate in their goldfish appreciation level.

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