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Full Version: Ga 114 - Ryukin
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sabine b
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I would like to show you my Ryukin. In europe its nearly impossible to buy any Rukins so anyway I am proud of him.

He is male, 10cm large. Imported from Great Briatin to Austria.

feel free to comment

That is a ryukin alright... I think it has it's lineage back to China if you ask me. No Japanese traits in this one. I am in Melbourne Australia so I understand exactly what you mean by 'no quality goldfish', if you grow this one up might win some titles around your area I reckon.
Hi Sabine

for the fact that you are in Austria, your fish looks ok and healthy.

Color looks faded and the belly not big and round.

Do feed more good food and you might want to go for some dried shrimp meal.
Otherwise, you might want to go for some green water. It will make your fish look lot better then now.

Give alot more high protein food to improve it's body mass and bulk.

sabine b
Thanks for your comments.

I didn't think that his belly is too small, but if you say that it will be right. So I try to give him better and more food.
Till now i give him gammarus, Hikari Koi Sticks (as here you get no sticks for goldfish), sometimes rice, and flakes.

so thanks.
Sabine B
Taking into consideration that it's only 10cm which by now should be a bit bigger, he/she looks pretty good. Still looks like a young fish and as we all know young fish have potentials. Also Considering your in Austria that's a great find. I've heard from a friend that lives there in Austria that it is hard to find quality Goldies there. Looks good though, that is of course I'm not comparing yours with a show quality one I'm comparing yours with other goldies of regular hobbists(such as myself).
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