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Full Version: Critique This Ranchu
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hi , im new here . ive just started learning all the different desirable traits and everything .
i bought a few calico ranchu for my pond. i bought them as pets with no care that they are show quality . since im trying to learn what is desirable and not just pretty to me, id like some one to have a look at this ranchu . she is 3-4 inches now . it is female i saw her lay eggs. i hope these pics are good enough , my camera is getting repaired . the fish is a good swimmer and to fast for me to get a really good pic. IPB Image
It an acceptable piece for a beginner, except, is she always having her head pointing down? Or does she struggle to stay down with belly up?
Hello. i iam also new on the forum, i have this hobby about 2 years now, but stil have lots to learn.

What i can say on this Ranchu is, it is a Side view Ranchu, (SVR) so it must be judged from the side.
So some pictures from the site wil be better for judging.
I think the collor is nice nice much bleu.
The Wen (headgrwoht) is verry minimal on this fish and i doubt it wil evver have a big Wen.
The fish i bouht about the same sice and head type simmilar to yours is growing verry slowly wen on top and cheeks hardley, while outher fish i bouht whit different head type more pronounced Wen at the same age cise are developing much bigger wen.

I read here on the Forum that Genetics are verry important on fish.
But whit good food like Hikari palltes and frosen blood worms, brine schrimp,Daphnia and lots of water changes the Wen groht wil pronouce more and faster, but as i said earlyer the Gene's of the fish are impotant to, maybe the most impotant part (not sure stil learning meself a lot smile.gif )

If 'the fisg dont have a good Wen and your like the fish anayway it no big problem, for standarts on fisg it kind of a big downer.

Also i think the fish dounst look verry symetrical , it coul be the angle taken of the picture, or the fish just maken i move to one side but it seems kind of out of ballans.

I hope you dont have to much problems whit me English whrichting (maybe i should go back to scool some day and learn to typ it wel) But anyway if you like the fish thats whats most impotrant, those wehre my thoughts on your Calcio Ranchu.
Mmm....I find your English rather interesting...
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