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Full Version: Ga 001 - Ryukin
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GA Secretary
I attached a top view pic of my Ryukin and a pic showing I own them.

They are about 3 inches long (head to tails) and costs me around $5 each (I can't remember the exact amount.)

I appreciate all comments.


IPB Image

IPB Image
Ryukins are usually appreciated from the side, not from the top.

You need to watch the current in the tub; the tails seems to be opening up and staying afloat.
I don't know how to appreciate Ryukin by Top View. But their tails certainly look very good from the pix. Their colour is also especially brilliant!

Will be good if Side View pictures are provided.
y r u showing a topview picture of a sideview fish? unsure.gif
They look like butterfly demekins to me until I noticed they don't have dragon eyes then I realized they are actually Ryukins. Very very rare! I'm impressed. Can I see more pictures? Thank you.
very nice colour and tails.
are they local ?
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