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Full Version: What Is Goldfish Academy?
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The Goldfish Academy

What it is?

The RafflesGold Goldfish Academy is a special forum for us to discuss and comment on fellow members’ goldfish. You are welcomed to submit pictures (and/or provide a remote link to a video) of your goldfish anonymously and receive likewise anonymous but frank comments / assessment.

Why the need for anonymity in a public forum? Well, sometimes fellow members will not reply to a post asking for comments in the Fancy Goldfish forum because:-
  • They don’t know you and aren’t sure if their frank comments will hurt your ego
  • They don’t want to be looked upon as a self-proclaimed expert
  • Etc
The anonymous nature of this special forum should thus encourage members to actively discuss and comment unreservedly.

How it Works?

For the Owner of a Fish

Log in to your account as per usual and navigate to this forum. Add a new Topic and put in as much information about the fish as you can. Next, upload and attach the fish’s photo. Needless to say the photo must be clear and sharp. Do not send in photo of your fish in an adorable pose; we want mug shots -- perfect left, right and top profiles! To avoid possible copyright infringement and other legal technicality, make sure you also include a photo to prove that you are the owner the fish and it is in your possession now. Taking the photo with today’s newspaper by the side of the tank should be good enough, or whatever ways you see fit. We are not liable for any claims of rightful ownership.

After you hit the submit button, you will NOT find your post appearing on the board immediately. It’s in queue and waiting for the moderator to edit and remove your name from the post! Only then would your post be posted for everyone to read and comment. No one, except the moderators and administrators, will know who you are.

For the Reveiwers

Everyone can be a Reviewer. All you need to do is reply to the thread as per usual by clicking the “Add Reply” button. The key to your reply is you must be FRANK with your comments. After you hit the “Submit” button to submit your reply, you will notice your reply does not appear on the board for public reading immediately. It’s in queue waiting for the moderator to edit and remove your user name. Only then would your posting be readable publicly. No one, except the moderators and administrators, will know who you are.

We draw your attention to the forums posting guidelines which still apply.
It is suggested that we should allow user to post comments here using their true ID too.

So if you choose to make known your identity, please end your posting by writing your signature. We will then leave the poster name intact instead of changing it to "Frankie."

Nevertheless I ask all to remain truthful in their subsequent replies to the poster and address the issue discussed instead of the discussing about the individual who wrote about it.


"I cannot agree that the eyes are too big for this fish so long as the eyes are not protruding indicating nitrate posioning". -- YES. You are discussing the issue.

"I think you're a silly fool if you say the eyes are too big for this fish. At least it is not protruding out like your own eyes". -- NO. You are attacking the individual!
Some important notes:
  • If you have several fishes to post, please post ONE FISH PER TOPIC.
  • Please note that a new topic/post submitted in Goldfish Academy will not show immediately. They are subjected to Moderators' approval before they are ready for viewing and comments. Time lag could sometimes take up to 24 hours so please do not panick and post multiple times.
  • Do not think that because your ID is masked, you can attempt mischief.
  • For submissions of Top View Ranchus, it is suggested that bloodline is told (by the submitters, IF KNOWN). If unknown, it is still alright.
  • Do not ask the owner where he got his fish from (owner however, may declare it himself).
  • Do not ask the owner how much he bought his fish for (owner however, may declare it himself).
  • Post your own fish. Do not post pictures of fishes which you are "intending to buy but cannot decide which one".
If you want your ID known, please sign off your post with your ID/name so that the moderators will know that you have meant to let your ID known.

Else IDs will be masked (as per standard) with "Secretary" (for fish submitters) and "Frankie" (for reviewers).
From GA160 onwards, all critics shall no longer be automatically masked.

Critics can still choose to have their ID masked by signing off their post with "Frankie" to indicate that they want their IDs be masked. The moderator of the forum will then mask the critic ID to Frankie as practised in the past.

Purpose of this change is to let the owner (learner) know who has commented on his fish.

The policy which applies to the owner of the fish (Masked ID : Secretary) shall stay the same. Owners will be masked, unless they state it otherwise.
QUOTE(desireless @ Tue, 03 Apr 2007 2:54 pm) *

Purpose of this change is to let the owner (learner) know who has commented on his fish.

I dont understand.

If the critic signs off as Frankie, then the Admin masks his ID before post is revealed, how will the owner know who has commented on his fish?
That is for a critic who still prefer the old style of wanting to stay anonymous.
I have a question. Do you guys filter the kind of fish we can post. I have tried to post pics of my vailtail twise and it didn't appear?
No, we dont filter. We will show every fish ( only goldfish ) that is submitted by the owner.

For your case, the moderators has missed out on your posting. It was made available just a little while ago.The duplicate post has been deleted.

Sincere apologies. sorry-big.gif
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